Kim Smith

“Dr.Lu is very professional and sweet. So impressed by her initial examination which was the most thorough I had ever had. She is confident in her abilities, honest and gentle and clear in her communicating skills. I will definitely be back and have recommended her to my family and friends. Thank you Dr.Lu for saving my teeth!”

Stephanie Fang Cheng

“I definitely recommend Vivian. I have had Vivian as my dentist for close to 5 years. She is very professional, well-trained, and technically knowledgeable. She has taken care of a number of issues with my teeth (e.g., regular cleanse, wisdom teeth, and replacing my braces retainer). I used to be scared of dental appointments, but since she became my dentist, I have started to enjoy these visits, probably because she is fun to talk to/listen to. Importantly, I can feel that she cares about her patients as she is always patient and available to her patients. I have recommended her to all my family and a number of my friends. A good choice if you are looking to switch to a new dentist.”

Qi Zhu



Wei Meng

“Dr. Vivian Lu is knowledgeable, patient, and she is definitely good at what she does. Last week I got my wisdom teeth removed by her, and after the surgery I didn’t have a chance to take the prescribed "just-in-case" painkillers, cause there was no pain at all...”

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